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Sustainability Through Collaboration

WSCSD has participated actively in major international conferences and meetings on climate change and sustainable development. Some of these are highlighted below:

1. UNESCO World Conference on Education for Sustainable Development 2014 in Aichi-Nagoya, Japan and UNESCO ESD Youth Conference 2014 in Okayama, Japan

The World Conference marked the end of the United Nations (UN) Decade of ESD and launch of the Global Action Programme on ESD, which is the follow-up to the UN Decade of ESD. WSCSD’s President, Nickson Otieno was among the 52 young ESD leaders  selected by UNESCO to exchange ideas and experiences and discuss ways to further promote the global ESD movement. Find out more about the conference below:

2. Youth Encounter on Sustainability (YES) Courses

WSCSD members have participated in the annual Youth Encounter on Sustainability (YES) courses offered by ACTIS since 2002.

3. The International Day For Biodiversity:

WSCSD-Kenya organized UNEP’s celebration of the 2013 International day for Biological Diversity at the Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology (JKUAT). WSCSD-Kenya used this event to launch the “Adopt a forest” Initiative aimed at ensuring that all Kenyan universities achieve a minimum of 10% tree cover in their campuses and adopt a nearby forest for long-term conservation.

4. COP Climate Conferences

WSCSD has been participating in the COP climate conferences since COP9 to learn from the process of translating climate science into policy, and to support the global youth movement to increase leverage on policy-makers to draft a successful post-Kyoto climate treaty. We are collaborating and joining forces with a range of different NGOs to increase momentum for  COP processes to succeed.

WSCSD launched its E-Book on 21 innovative climate innovations at the COP15. Download a report of WSCD’s participation at COP15 here.

5. UNEP’s TUNZA International Youth Conference on Environment, Nairobi (2013)
This campaign inspired WSCSD-Kenya to  develop the “Adopt a River” Initiative (provide link to the project page) aimed at engaging students in adopting nearby river ecosystems for water quality monitoring and conservation.

6. World Engineers’ Convention 2011, Geneva, September 2011

WSCSD’s President, Nickson Otieno, was among the international team of 13 young engineers and architects selected to develop a conceptual design of the model sustainable daily life in urban regions at the World Engineers Convention 2011.  The team founded the Young Engineers for Sustainable Empowerment Foundation to provide communities with the information and technical expertise they need to visualize and realize their sustainable futures based on the sustainable node concept. Nickson invited his fellow ‘young engineers’ to consider piloting the Sustainable Node concept within Nyakongo village.

7. 8th Global RCE Conference on Education for Sustainable Development, Nairobi, 23-26 November 2013

8. Global South –South Development Expo 2013 in Nairobi

9. Conference on Climate Change Innovation in Africa at Strathmore University, Nairobi, 24-26 June 2013

10. First African Forum on Science, Technology and Innovation for Youth, Human Capital Development and Inclusive Growth, Nairobi, 1-4 April 2012

11. UNEP’s International Student Conference on Environment and Sustainable Development and GUPES Launch, Tongji University, China, 5-8 June 2012

12. First NMC World Youth Meeting for a Sustainable Future in Bari, Italy, 19 – 21 January 2010

The meeting sought to reiterate the importance of the contribution of youth in the efforts to address the challenges of sustainability in all its facets: economic, social and environmental.